Psychotherapy, Coaching, Couples & Hypnotherapy


HIGHLY EFFECTIVE Therapies for PTSD, QuiT Smoking, Anxiety, Depression, Phobias,  & Addictions 
Energy Sessions for Relaxation and Stress Relief
Couples Counselling
Coaching for Business, Relationships, Career and Well Being 
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The sessions are based on leading edge therapies including TRTP, Part Therapy, Gestalt, Voice Dialogue, Core Energetics, NLP, CBT and Hypnotherapy

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Watch the video to find out about myself and Rob Kirby the creator of Coherence 123.

Rob has spent the last 35 years developing his therapy and I use this with a combination of other therapies I have learnt including:
TRTP - Judith Richards
Part  and Schema Therapy
Conscious Coaching - Chris Duncan
Hypnotherapy - Paul Collingswood
Gottman, RLT and Imago
Theta Healing

Couples Counselling

Unlike other therapist, we use a multi level approach. The first level introduces practical ways to communicate and resolve conflict, build positive sentiment in the relationship. Role playing and exercises during the week are used to build on the sessions. Real change needs commitment, structure and a plan to work on.

The second level examines the attachment style of each person and therapies to allow a deeper understanding of each other. 

The third level examines the concept of love and building a deeper meaning with your partner. 

 With this approach Couples rapidly transform their relationship and life

Combined Coaching and Therapies

The coaching program focuses on achieving high performance in your life. It follows on key elements including Clarity, Energy, Courage, Productivity, Psychology, Influence and Peformance.
Each session has a set outcome and we examine the resistance and ways to overcome it.

Hypnosis - using Dynamic Imagination

I have a Diploma in Hypnotherapy and use the most advanced techniques from leading experts from around the world.

Hypnosis is rapid as it goes to the source of the problem - the unconscious mind.

Even if you feel you can't relax or go into trance we use the power of your imagination to create change.  

Ring now for you free 30 min consult for rapid change on all levels

Anxiety & PTSD

We use a specialised treatment in 3 sessions to stop the memory loops in your mind that are continously being relived. Free those memories and Free yourself.
TRTP has astounding results throughout Australia. I am a fully qualified TRTP Therapist.

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Sha is a fully certified TRTP Therapist, Magnetic Mind Coach, has a Diploma in Hypnotherapy and a certified in a number of energy healing modalities. He uses the latest techniques that have proven results.

He first started  personal development studies in the 1980s and has studied over 15 modalities for more than 30 years including NLP, Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, Gestalt, Theta, Family Constellations, Core Energetics, Tai Chi, Reiki, Tesla, Inner Dance, Chi 5 Elements and Coherence 123.

Sessions are available for you one on one in Sydney or online via Zoom, whatsapp, phone, skype, facetime etc.

Sha has combined these modalities to work for all types of people. The therapy adjusts to fit you, rather than making you fit to it.

If you need to quit smoking, have phobias or addictions then he has specific processes to do that.

Sha is also a magnetic mind coach allowing use to achieve your goals.
The SUPERCONSCIOUS RECODE™ Is A New Revolutionary Process And It’s Helping People Recode Their Brain In Just Minutes By Removing Their Biggest Inner Blocks and Stuck Emotions..

Here’s the TRUTH: There’s a BIG problem in the personal development world when it comes to mental reprogramming that no one is talking about and… It’s the difference between being “satisfied with what you have” or being able to “consciously manifest a life that is aligned with your true desires”.

Recode - Magnetic Mind Live Demo

Chris Duncan demonstrates the recode. Sha is a fully certified Magnetic Mind Coach and is able to do this process one on one in Sydney or online.  Contact Sha directly on 0410199084.

Sha at Mind Body Spirit fair with team. This was a joint event with Robert Kirby of Core Energetics. Sha is certified in Coherence 123 and Leadership

Combined Coaching & Therapies

We customise a process for you based on therapies including Recode, Gestalt, Family Constellations, Hypnotherapy, Body Energetics, 2 point, Theta Healing and over 20 processes.

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What our customers write about us

Sha is great. I have animal phobia and within the first session with Sha using hypnotherapy, i was able to touch a dog. The process is still ongoing but there was a lot of improvement. A Haj Hamad
Previous to this the client had many sessions of counselling with unfortunately little improvement and therefore tried hypnotherapy.

I felt anxious and unsettled. I had done many sessions in various modalities before this. After the session I felt tremors leave my body and felt a sense of being grounded - Jacky

I met Sha in the Mind Body Spirit festival where he had his stand. After the session I felt a deep sense of calm and relaxation. I followed up with regular sessions and attended his workshops. Susan J

I attend many workshops that Sha did in Newtown. During these sessions I found my anxiety reduced significantly. Linda 

We are still communicating really well, and have improved our approach to conflict and discussions regarding our perspective about parenting the children. Everything is going great. Thank you for your support in our time of need. I'll recommend you to any couples In a tough spot.
VP 10 Feb 2022

It has been really helpful to speak to you these past weeks. I took the initiative and have reached out to my inlaws. My partner and I, I do feel that I am being heard and that perhaps I have a better understanding of him now. So thank you for that. Wishing you a Merry and safe holiday season. Thank you again C D 12 Dec 2021

Thank you Sha for the sessions. After the first session I felt a lot lighter and my drinking reduced significantly. I feel I can standup for myself and don't find I get triggered about things like before. I feel I am in a space that I can be honest and not pretend to be someone else. The sessions have changed my life around LP 

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