Each person is unique. Our coaching and therapies combine to work for you.
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We have combined leading edge therapies that have been transforming hundreds of people's lives

Recode - Magnetic Mind Coaching - 

Advanced Coaching

Magnetic Mind was developed by Chris Duncan and is revolutionising the coaching industry
 - Demo : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HARLBpSXsIk


Hypnotherapy Sessions

Regression & Direct therapy for Phobias, Addictions, Quit Smoking, Feeling Confidence and release trauma from your past.


Reiki, Theta, Tesla, Chi  

Energy sessions allow the mind to be transformed using a high energy session.

Chi Healing

Use Chi to re-energise

Tai Chi has been used for thousands of years to calm the mind and allow energy to flow in the body


TRTP Therapy

TRTP is a highly specialised PTSD therapy and is changing the way therapist approach PTSD.


Specialised System

We use the latest couple therapy processes to rapidly move to resolve conflict and deepen relationships

Sessions can be done online or in person.

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