Magnetic Mind Coaching

Sha Ali is your fully certified Magnetic Mind coach.
Our philosophy is to use therapy for deep work and coaching to integrate it into your daily life so it is maintained for the long term.

Magnetic Mind Sessions can be done with private sessions, group sessions, online sessions and events through out the year.

We recommend weekly group sessions where you set goals and work on the resistance that comes up. These group sessions are supported by daily meditations, feedback from your coach, On Demand Online Training Library, Live and Online Workshops.

The lens document is used to journalise your progress. There are over 10 processes to shift resistance including the recode process.

The Magnetic Mind Rapid Recode™ will allow you to ... Rapidly Recode Your Identity IN 5 STEPS

A "True Goal" focuses on the acceptance of what you want rather than focusing on finding a solution to an existing problem. True goals align your target with your end result and allow you move forward with complete clarity and excitement about your new future. It's your structure that determines your behaviour.

A "Creative Tension Seeking Resolution Structure" naturally pulls you towards what you desire without internal struggle and with minimal effort... Imagine how much your confidence will grow by knowing every decision you make is the right one. Traditional personal development methods focus on fixing and healing problems... which doesn’t work because it creates a “fix it” mentality.

Neuro-Emotional Meditation allows you to "Create New Emotional Set Points" based on the person you want to be rather than the person you need to fix... become a magnet for abundance and new opportunity.

Learn to recode a "New Unconscious Identity" so you can finally move forward without restriction from the things that have been holding you back.

Replace old habits, beliefs and feelings with new ones and step into a new reality with laser focus and a deep understanding of your limits. Knowing which actions to focus on and in what order can mean the difference between success and failure.

You will learn a simple process that aligns your actions with your True Goal to create unparalleled momentum and remove the fear of “getting it wrong”.

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